There are situations in life when you think you gonna throw it all away. We’ve all been there. 2018 marks 10 Years of Team dauerfeuer, and we decided to celebrate it in our usual manner of doing things when we feel the time is right and the certain vibe is present.

When we thought about calling it quits in 2017 (again) ,and i was sitting on my sofa starring holes into the air, this AC/DC (or was it the epic Mark Kozelek cover version…) song was playing. “Big Boy Boogie” is exactly about that feeling of wanting to give up. But you’re stronger than this and rather want break the chains of lethargy. In DF-2018-02 all of this comes together. It all makes sense. At least to me.

The Long Sleeves are available in 5 different colors, with a dedicated recycled hangtag carrying your name, 2 woven labels and no useless packaging. Special thanks to Vince.