DF-2018-07 is Sunday 2nd september. It is the 2nd part of our popular “Weirdos” Tee and it was realized in close partnership with our friends Turnland Records. We want pay homage to these dance / disco entrepreneurs and their legacy & heritage they left for generations to follow. Say “Hi” to “Talking Heads” mastermind David Byrne who was pioneering analogue sampling in the early 80ies, had a Simpsons guest role early 2000 and played himself in the 2010 movie “Cheyenne – This must be the place”. In between these milestones there is endless more output to dig deep into! There is hardly anything that he did not creatively tapped into. Inspiring! We got Mr. Larry Levan; a legend and a pioneer of modern Disco & House scene. Whatever “The Messiah” played in the legendary NYC “Paradise Garage” became an instant hit. Grace Jones & Gloria Gaynor where only a few of the most popular acts he remixed and that also got down in the Garage. There is countless myths and collaborations surrounding this place and Larry Levan. History you can’t repeat was made around him and that magic place! Third but not least in Patrick Cowley; a synth expert & the a popular face of the Hi-NRG movement. He is often called out in the same breath with Giorgio Moroder when asked how influential he was. He was a constant collaborator of Sylvester and put together a soundtrack for the gay porn soundtrack of “School Daze”. For all of these 3 characters there is endless layers of output and creativity to them. We salute you and hope this release is as inspiring to you as it is to us! Photography by Woern dauerfeuer / modeled by Sarah and Chris. Videofootage filmed by Ayse ?? thx !