DF-2018-09 drops Sunday 30th of September, 8pm!

1982 marks my year of birth. The 30.September (the day we realeased this Longsleeve) marks the birth of Bruce Springsteen´s sixth studio album. “Nebraska” deals with the ordinary and mundane, and is sound-wise probably the direct oppsosite of his well-known mainstream hits he had. It has more of a demo-character and seems unfinished but therefor warm and intimate. To me listening to it these days it´s obvious that it is a lot about people who somehow are at a turning point in their lives. Both to the positive but also to the negative. “Nebraska” never got boring and will take you different places everytime you press play. What a milestone!

DF-09-2018 is our little tribute to a man which music will live forever, to my dad who brought me close to “The Boss” (sorry for the records i never brought back), and to the honest working class blue-collar-mentality. Long live “The Boss”.

“Industry Records” was founded in 2018 as a fictional record label and helm for our bootleg / brandalism output we always created and will surely continue to create in the future. The First official release in our discography was our Beach Boys tribute earlier this year and within DF-2018-09 we just released the “Nebraska” Longsleeve. The Industry Logo clearly calls out the demise of a lot of industries you and us might be part of. It screams: get out before you go down with it or get hit by it´s remains.

The backprint is a super precise color-fade print in sunset colors. Screenprinted goodness as every of our quality shirts is. Comes with our new multicolored backneck label and the front seam “Herzhand” logo label.

This little editorial was completely shot on film during a trip to Tokyo. Thanks to everyone involved and thanks to Japan´s endlessly warm welcome. We are in love!