Earlier these days we posted a sticker that wrote “How To Stay Sane In The Corporate World” to our instagram. The photo looked like it was a book because the stickers where piled up and people assumed through it´s depth that it is another printed thing we are about to do.

Numerous people asked when this book / magazine whatever it might have been is about to release. People were interested in the topic and could relate to the headline. I had to disillusion them and tell that is was just a sticker and there is no publication behind it. BUT…. as so many comments and Dms came in and you all showed so much personal interest and wanted also to have some answers to the title of the sticker, we decided together with you to make it happen. Make what happen? I don´t know yet… But we will try to make it sense with a survey below to gather information and stories around the topic of the corporate a lot of people live in and struggle with it.

At this stage there won´t be any answers to it. There will be suggestions and proposals. We´ll see where this work in progress project will go. Thanks to everyone already showing interest and motivating us to look into making this come to live!

Please be aware that your submission will be handled with care and will be processed anonymously!