Yo. At first sight and listen, this is not an easy one. Marko M. is a franconian staple, long time collaborator and a very versatile character who is active in many fields. As multi-layered as his person itself, this mix shows yet another side of his musical interests and we are very happy that we could convince him once more to record a mix for the team. This time more like a rough draft of what might be the soundtrack of his mind, sketches put together and clashing mindmaps of sound. But we leave the word to him, as he knows best. Enjoy an unconventional mix exclusively to the team radio.

“This is not a mix as you’re used to. It’s not a club mix with beat matching or a steady groove. This is a kind of mix that swirls through my head. Jumping from intros and spoken word to grime while in the jungle a sick ambient tune is already waiting in the open field. As soon as i’m chasing it down my subconscious sends me to another instrumental gem that has a little dance with some soulful jazz. You know it’s crazy in the jungle sometimes. I’m catching a vine and move on to another acoustic adventure and slowly disappear in the thicket of trees, hearing a house melody silently play on the other end.”