Smuv Beats should be no stranger to you if you are into Lo-Fi and boom bap beats. Hailing from franconia he is knee-deep in your favorite spotify playlists and also is producing a lot these days it seems. We hooked up on instagram in a weird time for mankind. He found some time to compile a huge “transmission” Playlist for our irregular podcast format. I don´t want to repeat all the pathetic lines ad phrases you´ve heard in the media and on your social, but it´s good to decellarate and re-focus on yourself and people and things that matter. Smuv Beats delivers a playlist full of soul and funky tunes, as well as a lot of sample-worth material besides some classic you might have not listened to in a while. Keep an eye open for a Smuv Beats produced Album together with Nürnbergs very own Kuchenman named “Der Schneeball im Kühlschrank” releasing tomorrow the 19th on march.