Yes. We admit it; we might have a little more time on our hands these days. And also the urge to get entertained. But also to entertain our audience. Together with a few friends from around the team´s cosmos we pulled together an old school coloring book. For kids and for grown-up kids also. You remember those; the pages deliver a framework of outlines and you color in the areas or draw on top and put additional objects. There is no limits to your fantasy except the page´s border.

“A Coloring Book for (grown-up) Kids” contains contributions by Griffin Claes, Matthias Veitleder (Little Pilots) and Stephan Pöhlmann.

We decided to give away the coloring book for free, as it started out of a totally non-commercial energy and should be seen as a gift to pass some time and also to keep your smile. It will also be available in our webshop. If you feel you wanna donate a few Euro to the people contributing to it, please feel free to do so below. We will take everyone for diner and support a struggling restaurant in the area. We can´t wait to see people in real life again when all this madness is over. Stay safe. Stay sane! Stay home!