Most of people connect Ama to sneakers and podcasting with the homie Simon Bus throughout their beloved format “Oh, Schuhen”. Little know about his massive background and socialization in Punkrock and Hardcore. It´s kind of surprising we never met in our “former life” going to shows and copping merch instead of new kicks, but hey… You´ll always meet twice and I´m happy this happened also in form of this playlist he put together for our “Transmission” series. We rarely ever had any playlists touching the genres of Old- and New-School Hardcore and therefor asked Ama to provide one in the field of his expertise.

It´s good to get reminded partially of your own past and the music that shaped your first attemps to walking. Seeing bands like The Hope Conspiracy, Unbroken, Converge, CIV, and also some german veterans such as Ritual or Just Went Black in this list makes us very happy and it´s crazy how you never forget to singalong to stuff which happened for some parts 25 years ago. It also makes you feel fucking old. Thanks Ama reminding us of our age and for this collection of gems which had the former working title “Team dauermosh”. Right on point !


Listen to the latest Episode of “Oh,Schuhen” about how the recent situation affects the life of Ama & Simon, and the culture we are living in It also has some potent realtalk about how to use the audience you have to make a positive effect on your community. On top it brings back the discussion about everyone´s all-time-favorite series “Lost” and it´s questionable ending. Well done!