Today i´m very happy to finally announce that this project we have been working on sees the light of day after some intense work. I have to say we underestimated it big time and did not think of all the nitty-gritty it led us to. From endless corrections (big up to Kelly!) over to production and minimum issues and fine-tuning the illustrative work (we see you Matze!). The release of the book was also planned slightly different. We wanted to have a release party around it and get you closer and involved with the medium and the topic. You know the rest of the story. But in the end it is what it is, like a lot of things right now and we are more than happy and proud to share “How To Stay Sane In The Corporate World” with you and hope your excited stay up during the time of teasing and talking about it. Thanks again to everyone that pushed us to do it, and everyone contributed to the quotes and answers. Without you we would not have been able to deliver this collection of views and proposals how to navigate in the world we are living in. I´m gonna give away the actual introduction to the book straight away. Enjoy and stay sane out there. Order it here.

If you went to school in Germany you are no stranger to the Reclam’s publishing house releases. Whether or not you wanted to, you had to read quite a few of them. I always liked them; they were short, informative and mostly classics of old masters.

At some point I stumbled upon a persiflage of their logo. This I admired as I often worked on my own versions of other famous and well known graphics. I did countless of these brandalisms. So eventually I also took a shot at creating my own version of Reclam’s logo. The ‘title’ I created read “How To Stay Sane in the Corporate World” which at the time related to me personally in my daily work life. With this new graphic I created a batch of stickers.

Since I’m not too protective of my work, especially when it is a bootleg or some no-brainers that were done in a few minutes, I unceremoniously posted a picture of a stack of these stickers on Instagram. That stack was mistaken for what followers assumed was a type of written publication. The feedback for this post via direct messages and comments was overwhelming. People could relate. They had seen this title not just as another image but as an open-ended question I was posing to them. It became a launching pad for followers to reach out with their own thoughts and ideas.

Some of the comments and messages convinced me of the idea of making what was mistaken as a written publication into just that. The plot thickened and I wrote down a questionnaire relating to corporate work life for people to answer online. The anonymous survey was available for three weeks and a lot of input was gathered. Some useful and relevant content.

Some of it was cheerful. Some of it was negative. Filtering all the statements and answers was difficult but eventually it landed in what’s become a collection of thoughtful and honest responses that now fill these pages.

This publication is not trying to bash the corporate world or try to tell you to leave as soon as you can. It’s also not really glorifying it. This book can only do the job of offering some relatable narratives. It might provide some guidance while also showing you are not the only one who struggles. It won’t try to define what the corporate world is.

The title “How to Stay Sane in the Corporate World” might seem straight-forward, suggesting this book has the answers. It doesn’t. But it is an attempt to explore that question. It’s also a question I struggle with.

You might already have experience within the corporate work life. Or you might just be curious on the perspectives of those within it. No matter if you are an advocate for it or have turned your back against it, you will find yourself within these pages.

Enjoy the rollercoaster.