Birke TM
Trust The Process / Real Highs

2020 / Bakery Dubs

Reviewed by Marko Meth

Quantec and Birke TM add another division to their label network. After founding “Neighbour Recordings” a few years ago they now continue to add the first sub-label called “Bakery Dubs”. While the main label stays true to club sounds that are residing in the house and techno fields it’s a little bit different on “Bakery Dubs”. This outlet is a platform that showcases the label owners’ work aside their regular house sound, as well as tracks by friends. With the first record “Trust the Process / Real Highs” Birke TM unveils his strong drum and bass, djungle and break-beat history. His sound clearly was shaped by the golden days of drum and bass and he translates this influence into his own sound architecture.

Trust the Process” relies on his endless strings that build the foundation all the other sounds build on. Slowly but steadily the arrangement gains complexity by adding some agile drums and percussion. In the moment you adapt to the beat there’s a powerful chainsaw bass making its way to the foreground. The brilliant contrast by soft and raw elements just does the trick. There’s a dreamy state wherein “Trust the Process” persists and it takes you as a prisoner that isn’t willing to break out. “Real Highs” the b-side off the first 10inch on “Bakery Dubs” has a strong UK and 2-step appeal which directly links to the early 2000s where sounds from the Islands where all over Europe. Those pads and strings deliver a melancholic mood that still carries all of the enthusiasm and warmth you had back then into the world of today. It’s just goose bumps all over on this one. The vocal chops just deliver flashback after flashback and spice up the track with that classic feel. The track title says it all: “Real Highs”