Begin Writing Your Story Here

2020 / verydeeprecords

Reviewed by Marko Meth

Weird times call for weird music. At least that’s how I felt during some days in the near past. While I was scrolling through my feed, I stumbled across the 43rd release on Nuremberg based VERYDEEPRECORDS by Marbod. The Berlin based DJ and producer already is a quite familiar person to me as I already shared the stage with him, bought some releases from his Lofile label and also established a fun connection to him through the years. That’s why I was even more surprised while I listened to his mini-LP “Begin writing your story here”. I still related Marbod with deep and minimalistic vibes from the house music cosmos that easily matched every set and dancefloor. With this release he provides an insight into another dimension music-wise.

The opening track “Animator” is a slightly drum-driven ambient track that showcases light and heavy sounds contrasting each other with melodramatic moments that end in a relief sound-wise. “No Signal” is also located in the ambient genre, but the total opposite of “Animator”. Stronger drums, harder synths, lightning sharp percussions and some sort of idleness are transported throughout. It’s like showcasing the dark and light side of his artistic persona within the first two tracks. “Brainwashed Pizza”, quite a name that instantly gets me, adds another sound dimension. Delayed and distorted vocal snippets are swirling through the arrangement while lush drum sounds jump into the empty spots filling this tune with energy while the pads and string deliver the deepness, we’ve known from Marbod. Still, we are not on the dancefloor at the moment. It’s just a brilliant display of left-field music that should thrill every music connoisseur. “Physical Madness” instantly offers much more intensity. The extra-long build up makes you long for the drums to kick in and when they do it’s off. Post-rock feelings pop up due to the strong sound build-up here. The chanting vocal sample perfectly fits the dreamy sound patterns in this one. “Auf abwegen”, which translates to “to be on the wrong path”, is the perfect title. It just sounds like a dull walk through a forest that bares endless mysteries, but you’re just not in the mood to discover them. You just want to stray through it while your brain is on pause. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. With “CarlXyii1x” the mini-LP finds a superb ending. The groovy guitar catches you immediately and the whispering vocals by Ada Schwindel just add some magic. Round and round it goes. With this repetitiveness you’re soaked into the beauty and lightness the track has to offer. It feels like the sun breaks through the clouds after a gentle rain. Leaving you with nothing but positivity.