When we traveled China & Hong Kong in 2019 things were pretty different. I remember endless days and nights in Shanghai’s nightlife, an epic and unforgettable bike ride through the city with stopping at at least 5 different street food stalls and restaurants, of the most amazing food we were allowed to try. Our tour guide Moritz brought us places we wouldn’t have found or dared to walk into. The scents changed from corner to corner and life was good and the cities were booming with energy. But that’s a whole different story and takes another essay to be precise and doing this trip justice.

Nowadays things appear to be slightly of another sort and slowly our wanderlust kicks back in. Especially when started to plan the roll out of what we are about to talk in a bit. It’s a heavy throwback going into e-mails and coming out of video calls with the LAKH team and seeing the guys that made it possibly for us to have an amazing time in Hong Kong. I hope someday we can return that hospitality and also take you on boat rides and serve you greasy German dinner plates, or just hand around at the flea markets. (Maybe we won’t a fake supreme gameboy over here, but hey…).


I´m not aware if the idea of doing a collaborative approach was already born when we met, but for sure we planted the seed as we pretty much vibed together. We started to work on this sometime around mid of 2019  with pretty much a totally different idea to the outcome. I remember looking for HK street-signs and also taking inspiration from a famous old hotel in Kowloon city. There were hotel slipper layouts and reception & staff shirts of a fictional hotel, following up the thought of living in that hotel. The concept changed several times as it just did not resonated with both parties and did not bring the point across that this a German label and a brand from HK doing a collection together.

The only constant was the uniform approach on the vest / pant combination. We never did a pant before and now we had a rock solid base to do one. To us the cargo pants were almost perfect and we decided to not change to much and rather give it a subtle spin to make it our iteration. Being in Asia before I was always fascinated by the fine design cues people add to already perfectly functional clothing, but managed to make these pieces shine in a different and elevated light. So we started to play around with a flip-flop blocking which splits the pants by color and adapted that logic to the vest. But: in an inverted blocking. The choice of color is so subtle, coming from black to a dark navy, you don’t see it at first sight, but the closer you get, it gets obvious. The LAKH team added a Velcro on top of both pieces with optional lock-up logo or the plain black on black version.

After back and forth with the graphics the LAKH team came up with the idea to look into well-known landmarks of Hong Kong. We looked them up and did some research on them but we there was not a direct idea that struck us. I started to doodle around on “Diamond Hill” and made a literal illustration of how this could look in a naive and colorful way. It was also a premise in the beginning to add more graphic to the world of LAKH. I remember the first sketches which is was not confident to share with the wider team, as it was something totally different from their recent appearance. i was afraid these get binned straight away. But the were received very well and this gave me more confidence to approach “Lion Rock” the same way. The rest can be seen in the 2 shirts that ended up in the collection next to the vest and the pant.

We are more than happy and proud to finally announce the “Welcome To Diamond Hill” collection which is about to drop through a pop-up store in Munich with our strong and super helpful partner Keller.X . Join us from the 2nd – 4th of November and follow our Instagram accounts for further info around the release and the web-shop availability straight afterwards.

Let us take the opportunity to say Hi and thanks to the whole LAKH team for making this possible; Moses, Ralph, Aderline and Saihon we appreciate everything to the fullest. Everyone we met during our travels; especially Moritz for being the best tour guide and Ayse for being the best travel parter you can imagine. Big thanks to Basti for helping us with the event, connecting us to to the right peoples and being a sweetheart on all levels. Lisa and Phil from Keller.X; we owe you and are looking forward for what’s about to come. Love you all!

Wörn / team Dauerfeuer