If you are not familiar with Brenk´s work, you might be… without being aware of it, as he is responsible for countless bangers. Not only in the local music landscape; Based in Vienna but active pretty much globally. Some of our most vivid memories in his back catalogue are for sure the “Chop Shop 2” with fellow producer Fid Mella. Almost 7 years ago this masterpiece was released and we are still not over it completely. “Not” still gives me shivers and his production work on MC Eiht´s “Which Way Iz West” is also something different and pure excellence. Lately and always on blast is the “Hexenkessel EP 1+2” with germany´s most disgusting wordsmith (in a good way) Morlockk Dilemma. Absolutely breathtaking production and Dillema in best shape. And this is just a glimpse of what Brenk worked on.

The one and only!  We recently met Brenk “in person” while working on a project together. And i hope it´s mutual to say that we had a vibe going on. So we are very happy to have Brenk in our little playlist format also, showcasing a vibrant selection of raw and underground Gangsta-Rap up to surprising Indie Bliss and Rock nostalgia. Vienna´s finest is one of the most bustling and prolific producers in the game and recently came up with a new project called Hi-Hat-Hustle; a drum and sample pack shop for producers and future candidates. If you are into the art of producing you might wanna consider checking this out and get inspired. We send love and strength to Vienna and will keep our eyes peeled to more madness coming out of his direction. Thanks Brenk!