Let´s end this year and close the circle with a special contributor to the team universe. We finally made it happen and Felice aka Felix did a long soaked after playlist for our music podcast format. I mean he had good excuses this year and kept busy releasing records, producing his own music and coping with what everyone had to cope with this year. Even though there was hardly any live-gigs this year he had some shining moments in his short career as a producer; he managed to seal a few deals and compilation tracks appearing (or will appear) on the likes of “Live at Robert Johnson” or one of my early favorite German Labels “Permanent Vacation”. It´s one of those things when you see yourself dealing with these labels and artists that you grew up with. We are very proud of what Turnland has archived and where it´s going! It´s gonna be very interesting to see what happens in 2021. (Partly we know it already and can ensure it´s epic).

Enjoy a playlist full of 80ies nostalgia, weird outta there electronica, and some recent pop and indie.

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