Sam Shepard aka Floating Points is one of the few musicians i blindly navigate towards whenever he is working on new projects. We all met him first when he was producing more or less traditional electronic house sounds (“Nuits Sonores” Era…) or collaborated with experimentalists such as Border Community´s James Holden. He even made an episode of “Late Night Tales” and probably much more other high quality recordings that are not on my radar, as his catalogue is huge and versatile.

“Promises” is the next chapter in his career and it´s said to be 6 years in the making. Latest in Floating Point´s “Reflections – Mojave Desert” we could spot his love for jazzy vibes and improvised recording. So it does not come as surprise he goes down that road more and more uncompromising afterwards. But really it´s impossible to predict his sound on any forthcoming record. His latest album is a stunning collaboration with Jazz legend Pharoah Sanders; a pioneer, that even me being an outsider to Jazz, is a well known figure in the sheer endless world this genre. What happens on “Promises” seems to be the perfect blend and a seamless fusion of all of it´s contributors discipline. There is one leitmotif spinning it´s web through the whole 46 minutes. Through the length of the 9 pieces, you can witness how more depth i put into the arrangements; there is room for ambient soundscapes, total improvisation on Sander´s saxophone and the beautiful strings of the London Symphony Orchestra. The nine movements create a weightless and uplifting curve of tension. Perfect to start the day and get energized. Sit down and enjoy the ride!

Review by: Wörn dauerfeuer