DF-2018-08/ “WSDT” Longsleeve Package (incl. Pin & Stickers)


This one was meant to happen. Collaboration and co-creating on ideas should be based on the same values and a shared background. We were following WSDT for a a while, seen a few of our favorite bands and people wearing their garments, and seemed to have mutual respect for the work we´re doing. We share the same DIY-struggle mentality to things we unleash through our output. During the creation phase we digged deeper into each other´s individual socialization which is heavily educated by dark basements, hardcore shows, buying records, and trying to create something out of the few given opportunities we have. Just some kids (still not fully grown) sharing a love for music, togetherness and the hope to positively influence our surroundings. We are very proud to work together with Rene on this little capsule!

The Shirt comes along with 3×5 different peel-off stickers and the coffin pin on top!

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