DF-2018-09/ “Nebraska” Longsleeve-Tee


1982 marks my year of birth. The 30.September (the day we released this Longsleeve) marks the birth of Bruce Springsteen´s sixth studio album. “Nebraska” deals with the ordinary and mundane, and is sound-wise probably the direct opposite of his well-known mainstream hits he had. It has more of a demo-character and seems unfinished but therefor warm and intimate. To me listening to it these days it´s obvious that it is a lot about people who somehow are at a turning point in their lives. Both to the positive but also to the negative. “Nebraska” never got boring and will take you different places every time you press play. What a milestone!

DF-09-2018 is our little tribute to a man which music will live forever, to my dad who brought me close to “The Boss” (sorry for the records i never brought back), and to the honest working class blue-collar-mentality. Long live “The Boss”.

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