Team dauerfeuer has started with a clear vision in 2008, all for the Team! We lost focus in between, came to our senses but will surely reset our focus again at some point, while other priorities showering down on us & before we unravel the chaos again. Our product and output is strongly influenced by love, life and the beautiful people and things that are surrounding us everyday. (Sub)Culture and the never slowing down world of change is recharging recharging our batteries but also slows us down often. Team dauerfeuer only creates when the time is right and the vibes are strong. We try to always provide „Irregular Consistency“ and don´t want to be limited to be a label that produces and distributes garments. There is more around us which needs and will be be defined. Team dauerfeuer is a steady work in progress and a tries to reflect ourselves and re-think the world we happen to create in.

The Team is a bunch of creative minds born and raised in the northern territory of Germany, but now calls Bavaria their physical home. With mostly being busy in corporate full-time jobs, the team is a place for creative freedom far away from business-driven expectation and number-driven pressure.